2 shorts by Escac Films competing at the Malaga Festival

Today the programming of the 25th edition of the Malaga Festival has been announced, which will
take place this year from March 18 to 27.

We are very pleased to announce that two End of Degree short films produced by Escac Films have been selected to participate in the Official Short Film Section:

  • La perrera (The Doghouse), directed by Emilio López Azuaga.
    Ale, an 18-year-old boy with no ambition for the future, spends his days lost between alcohol, crime and drugs. Due to his turbulent relationship with his mother, he practically lives alone. The only positive reinforcement in his life is his Bull Terrier, Sasha. One night, Ale is about to go out for another day of escapism, leaving his dog alone at home.
  • Nàdia, directed by Sofia Farré Flotats.
    Nàdia, an eighteen-year-old model absorbed by the world of fashion and exhibitionism on social networks, wants to operate on a small deformity that she has in her ears, an obsession that goes hand in hand with her father’s endless cancer.

Congratulations to the graduate team for this selection!

The Final Degree Projects (TFG) are the short films with which ESCAC students graduate. They are produced by Escac Films and with a technical team fully trained at ESCAC.

La perrera (The Doghouse)