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The VFX School

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The VFX School

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Degree: Diploma in VFX
Modality: On-site, face-to-face sessions
Dates: October 2023
Duration: 1 course and a second optional course
Language: Spanish
Course Director: Lio Estivill
Course Coordinator: Sílvia Calabuig


The visual effects sector opens up a wide range of professional profiles dedicated to the design, generation and production of digitally created images to be produced and/or integrated in all types of audiovisual productions.

The VFX School offers students a comprehensive, creative and technical training, providing a solid foundation, both practical and formal, to enter the VFX industry.

We take advantage of the ESCAC environment to put this knowledge into practice in a real production system in constant interaction with the rest of the school’s film departments.

The VFX School is divided into two courses: the first is cross-cutting and will provide students with a generalist grounding in all areas of visual effects; the second is optional and free, with personalised training depending on the student’s profile and will encourage participation in projects in collaboration with other ESCAC departments. Although the second course is not compulsory, it is highly recommended so that the student leaves with even more specific and technical skills.

Objectives and Skills

Upon completion of The VFX School, the student will have:

  • The technical foundations to work either as a generalist in the world of digital effects or focused on FX, 3D or 2D, as well as the starting points to specialise further in any of these environments.
  • The creative skills and critical eye needed to excel in an industry where technique and creativity merge. You will be able to work in a team and in a real film production environment, getting to know the synergy and the way the industry works.
  • Several projects that will have been developed, produced and executed that will serve as a portfolio or professional demoreel with a view to finding work in VFX studios.

Target Audience

The VFX School is aimed at anyone who wants a comprehensive and intensive immersion in the world of visual effects in a real film and production environment.

It is not necessary to have a university entrance exam or previous qualifications, although it is recommended that you have a Baccalaureate, a Higher Grade Cycle or university studies related to the audiovisual sector.

It is also possible to enter with a video-reel that demonstrates the student’s knowledge and skills.

Admission requirements

At The VFX School we believe in talent, so if you have no previous qualifications you can still apply. Afterwards, through a selection process and a personal interview, we will determine your aptitude for admission.

Students who come from Bachillerato and who have no previous higher education, will be able to access The VFX School by previously attending three intensive workshops on introduction to Film & VFX, 2D (Digital Compositing) and 3D (Modelling, texturing and lighting processes).

These workshops will also be recommended, but not compulsory, for those students with higher studies but without previous experience in the world of effects.


Title of degree: Specific Title in VFX

Minimum duration of studies:
1st year: 60 training credits
2nd year (optional): 20 training credits + 40 project credits

Syllabus The VFX School

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