We are committed to the continuing education of our students.

The call for applications for the 2021-2021 academic year is now closed. Consult the resolution here

Internal Scholarships for ESCAC Alumni

The internal Master’s scholarships are exclusively for Bachelor’s or Master’s students who wish to continue their studies at ESCAC. The beneficiary student must carry out work to support teaching and assist in the proper development of the master’s degree.

New students cannot apply for these scholarships, they can only apply for the Bachelor’s scholarships.

How to apply?

In order to apply for this grant, applicants must send a link to the portfolio accessible in digital format to the Master’s degree coordinator between 3 and 7 May 2021 to the following e-mail address:  You can only apply for one master’s degree per year.

Registration for the master’s degree will take place once the scholarship has been awarded, it is not necessary to register before.

What should the Portfolio include?

  • Statement: Motivational text of maximum 600 words.
  • Reel with short films or works in any field that show the student’s special interests or skills, whether or not they are linked to a project.
  • Extra elements that demonstrate the student’s creativity, talent, worth and initiative will be valued.
External scholarships

Candidates for an ESCAC Master’s degree who wish to obtain a scholarship at any national or international institution must first follow the entire procedure to apply for the desired Master’s degree. Once accepted by ESCAC, they will have to pay 500euros as a place reservation*. ESCAC will then issue the letter of admission with which the applicant will be able to apply for the external scholarship.

*This payment is non-refundable.