Escac Talent

We’ve been finding, teaching and promoting talent for 25 years.

At ESCAC you’ll find the professional family that will stay with you wherever you go

Did you know that Javier Ruiz Caldera still shoots films with his former ESCAC classmates? So do Juan Antonio Bayona, Mar Coll, Kike Maíllo, Patricia Font and many others. ESCAC doesn’t end when you graduate; the community continues into the professional world.

During your first weeks at the school, you’ll become accustomed to working by projects and forming your work crews, and many of those relationships will last for the rest of your career.

Lluís Castells (VFX), Alberto de Toro (editor), Javier Ruiz Caldera (director), Javier Rodero (music composer), Arnau Valls (cinematographer)
The ESCAC Community is a way of making and understanding cinema

At the school, we encourage project-based teamwork and technical precision.

Students work in teams to support and enrich each other as they pursue a common goal, developing the ability to work in and with cross-disciplinary, multicultural groups. We’ll give you the chance to hone your talent in a setting that promotes creativity and interaction among students and alumni of all ages.

ESCAC’s success is the success of its graduates.

Nearly 25 years down the road, the ESCAC Foundation has succeeded in achieving one of its founding goals: to seek out and support talented individuals, as evidenced by the careers of illustrious alumni like Juan Antonio Bayona, Javier Ruiz Caldera, Mar Coll, Kike Maíllo, Nely Reguera, Dani de la Orden, Roser Aguilar, Óscar Faura, Arnau Valls, Pau Esteve, Eduard Grau, Lluís Castells, Bernat Vilaplana, Jaume Martí, Elena Ruiz, Alberto de Toro and many others.

Most successful productions
Pan's Labyrinth
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
The impossible
The imitation game
The invisible guest
The Miniaturist
A monster calls
El chapo
Jurassic World: fallen kingdom

The success of the ESCAC formula is also borne out by more than 50 nominations in technical categories and 23 Goya Awards from the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, especially the four Awards for Best New Director (J.A. Bayona in 2007, Mar Coll in 2009, Kike Maíllo in 2011 and Belen Funes in 2020).

Lluís Castells (VFX) © Alberto Ortega Reproduced with permission of the Motion Picture Academy
Mar Coll (Best New Director) © Alberto Ortega Reproduced with permission of the Motion Picture Academy
Oriol Tarragó (Sound) © Alberto Ortega Reproduced with the permission of the Motion Picture Academy