'Ama', Feroz Puerta Oscura Award 2021 in Malaga

The debut film by graduate Júlia de Paz, with a 100% ESCAC team, wins the Feroz Puerta Oscura 2021 award at the Malaga Festival.

The Feroz Puerta Oscura Award for the best film in competition in the official section of the Malaga Festival 2021 is an award given by the journalists of the Asociación de Informadores Cinematográficos (AICE) accredited at the event. In the words of Teresa Montoro, first vice-president of the AICE, “Ama” continues the trend, very present at the Malaga Festival, of films directed by young women. De Paz is 26 years old and the film is the result of her final year project at the ESCAC, the Barcelona film school.

The film, which was competing in the festival’s official section, has also won the Silver Biznaga for Best Actress for Tamara Casellas. 

Ama was born from a final year short film (EDP/TFG) of the school and repeats with the same team of graduates of the XX promotion who already participated in it: Núria Dunjó in scriptwriting, Sandra Roca as DoP and Oriol Milán in editing among others, as well as repeating with the leading actress:

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