'Animal salvatge', semi-finalist for the Student Academy Awards

Animal salvatge, the TFG / EDP short film directed by Maria Besora has just reached the semi-final for the documentary category of Hollywood Film Academy’s 48th annual Student Academy Awards.

The academy has selected a total of 82 semi-finalists out of 1.402 submitted films, we congratulate the whole TFG / EDP team for this great achievement and wish them all the best of luck!

Last year another TFG / EDP short film from the school, produced by ESCAC Films, also made it to the semi-final, El Gran Corelli by Abel Carbajal in the animation category.

The TFG / EDP short films are the End-of-Degree Project with which the students who have participated in it have graduated. They are produced by the school and have had 100% of the technical team formed at ESCAC.

Animal salvatge has been premiered with great success at the D’A Film Festival and the DOCS Barcelona.


Janira is three years old and doesn’t speak like the other kids. She is happy surrounded by animals with whom she communicates in a special way, and she seems to prefer their world than the human one. Growing up is unavoidable and soon she’ll have to decide between staying wild or adapting to society.

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