COVID-19 Update

March 7 Update

On 6 March 2021, Resolution SLT/612/2021, of 5 March, which extends and modifies the public health measures for the containment of the epidemic outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the territory of Catalonia, was published in the DOGC, which states the following: “In the field of university teaching activities (at universities, affiliated centres and business schools located in Catalonia), the practicals and evaluations may continue to be face-to-face. In the development of face-to-face theoretical activities, an increase in restricted simultaneous presence may be considered up to a maximum of 30% of the student body of each university, without this percentage being exceeded in each centre, and the protection measures must be maximised, subject to the sectorial plan approved by the Management Committee of the PROCICAT Action Plan. It will be the responsibility of each university to specify this in accordance with the criteria of academic autonomy and in order to provide the best possible service to students”.


November 23 Update

Extension of the exceptional measures adopted to contain the epidemic outbreak of COVID-19

The measures contained in the previous updates are extended until December 6, 2020, maintaining the teaching non face-to-face, except for practices and evaluations, which may be carried out in the presence of extreme protective measures.


October 29 Update

Among other measures adopted by the Government of the Generalitat to combat the second wave of the coronavirus COVID 19, the perimeter closure of Catalonia for 15 days has been approved with a municipal confinement the weekends. 

The entry and exit of each municipality will be restricted between 6.00 am on Friday until 6.00 am on Monday, although exceptions will be maintained for justified travel, such as attendance at health centers, work-related reasons, to go to educational centers or to care for dependent people. 

Therefore, given the exceptions provided, ESCAC will remain in operation as we have been operating since the implementation of the latest measures to reduce face-to-face activity on university campuses, which have been renewed. Tomorrow, ESCAC will be open to conduct practical classes. The coordinators will inform you of the specific schedules of each course. 

In order to justify the trip, we have provided you with a generic certificate that must be accompanied by an ESCAC identification document (student card or, failing that, registration). 

Thank you for your cooperation in making ESCAC a safe place for all. 


October 26 Update

In accordance with Royal Decree 926/2020, of 25 October, declaring a state of alarm to contain the spread of infections caused by SARS-CoV-2, and resolution SLT/2620/2020, of 25 October, by which measures of public health are adopted, of restriction of the nocturnal mobility, for the containment of the epidemic outbreak of the pandemic of COVID-19 in the territory of Catalonia, we inform you that from today the Vapor building will close at 9 pm, while Farinera will maintain the same schedule until 8 pm. 


October 13 Update

Within the framework of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia, the Government and the 12 Catalan universities have agreed to reduce face-to-face activity on university campuses to help contain the contagion rate for Covid 19 in Catalonia by reducing the mobility of the university community.

ESCAC, as a center attached to the University of Barcelona, adheres to the principles of the agreement and will implement a series of measures limiting mobility from next Thursday the 15th to Friday the 30th of October.

As a general rule, the teaching of the theoretical subjects will go online while the workshops, laboratories and practical subjects will remain face-to-face. Therefore, in no case is teaching stopped, but measures are taken to reduce the mobility of the ESCAC community.

Coordinators will elaborate on the specific changes for each course. These will also be specified correspondingly to the UNTIS platform.


August 24 Update

The serious health crisis caused by the spread of Covid-19 has forced the ESCAC to draw up this plan, based on the knowledge of and the recommendations by the competent health and labour authorities (general guidelines from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Employment, and specific guidelines for occupational risk prevention departments). It will therefore be duly updated whenever these recommendations vary.

The purpose of this document is to define the safety conditions under which and the procedures through which on-site activity at the ESCAC facilities and buildings must be resumed.


Visits to the facilities are conducted on an individual basis and/or in very small groups according to the area or course of interest. Check the time slots and reserve the one that suits you best. Visits will not be attended without prior reservation.

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