'Detective Romi', the first series created by students from Showrunners

Showrunners: Aula de Ficción, a program created by ESCAC and Mediaset Spain to train and convert young creative talent into the future showrunners of national fiction, begins to bear fruit with the start of production of ‘Detective Romi’, the first project created by students from its first promotion.

The program, which in January will launch the call for its second edition, was created in 2019 in order to train students in a comprehensive way in the field of television fiction, one of the most demanded contents in the audiovisual industry.

As a result, ‘Showrunners: Aula de Ficción’ will close this first stage with the first of its projects, ‘Detective Romi’, in pre-production, and two more projects that are currently in development. 

‘Detective Romi’, a deaf investigator with a unique gift for non-verbal communication

‘Detective Romi’ will be produced by Mediaset España in collaboration with Producciones Mandarina, one of the companies in which Mediaset España Group has a stake.

This action and family mystery thriller is created by Iker Azkoitia (Guipúzcoa, 1987) developed together with Pau Bacardit (Barcelona, 1984) and Lluis Mosquera (Valencia, 1990), young talents who treasure award-winning professional experiences in theater, film, television and advertising.

Set in Bilbao, its main plot focuses on the work of Romina Goitia, Romi, a private detective in her thirties with an innate gift for investigation: she is deaf, which is why she has developed a unique ability to interpret non-verbal communication and detect lies.

Romi complements this extraordinary skill with a certain tendency to go around the law to achieve her goals, in contrast to the extremely disciplined and responsible profile of Patricia Irureta, her new intern.

The investigations carried out by Romi on the mysterious death of her father 25 years ago will uncover a dangerous network of institutional corruption in whose investigation the detective will collaborate with her own mother, Alaia Uribe, head of criminal investigation for the Ertzaintza.

The series explores the human relationships of his female protagonist trio -detective, mother and helper- and his personal and professional environment. In addition, through irony, it delves into the clichés traditionally associated with Basque culture and society and the contrasts in communication between deaf and hearing, making visible the diversity, inclusion and especially the usefulness of sign language in this sense.


The selection of the projects presented by the students of ‘Showrunners: Aula de Ficción’ has been carried out by a panel composed by Mediaset Spain by Manuel Villanueva, General Director of Content, and Arantxa Écija, Director of Fiction, and by the ESCAC by Aintza Serra, director of the program, and Oriol Capel, coordinator and tutor.

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