Two projects of the Master in Documentary go into production

Caras Ocultas and Copito, the two projects of the Master in Documentary chosen in the final pitches of last July, have finally passed to the production phase.

The international committee of experts that chose these two projects was integrated by Evelyn Araos from Canal 13 Cable (Chile), Vicente Canales from Film Factory, Cristina Bosch from CB Producer, Joan González from Docs Barcelona, the producer Fernando Acuña (Chile) and the director of the Master’s Degree Orlando Arriagada. The goal of these pitches is for them to lead to projects for original, extremely relevant documentaries with great potential for international distribution.

Caras ocultas

Barcelona is a metropolis that attracts a large number of people, many of whom come from extreme circumstances and live atypical lives. This documentary series has Barcelona as its main protagonist, being the space where its inhabitants live these extraordinary existences.

Each episode shows a day in the life of each character showing how they spend their days, within the limits of the social structure. They have a secret existence in plain sight, ignored by society. The series will make Barcelona known, from these forgotten characters who are also part of it.

Producer: Mauro Espinosa
Content Director: Jorn Koning & Judith Bazán
Director: Dasha Smirnova
DoP: Fermín Amat

1966. In the Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea, the only albino gorilla in the world, COPITO DE NIEVE, is captured. He would end up living for 37 years in Barcelona Zoo, then in the midst of economic and social reform.

Cover of the National Geografic, protagonist of animated films, illustrious citizen, and face of thousands of T-shirts and postcards, the white primate brought from the black continent became one of the symbols of the new face of the city, a social phenomenon and a marketing product. Copito was the first stone of what would become many years later the Barcelona brand.
Even so, we only know about him what we can see from the other side of the glass. This documentary series deepens in the life of Copito through the testimony of historians, scientists, animalists and people close to him. A story that explores the origin of his white coat and that reflects on the relationship of the human being with nature from the perspective of yesterday and today: which shirt would we wear today? Love Copito or Free Copito?

Producer: Francisco Acosta
Creator: Ivan Chamorro
Director: David Vargas
DoP: Aleix Closa


The ESCAC Master’s Degree in Documentary Filmmaking immerses students in the practical and theoretical aspects of the different formats of modern documentaries.

With the arrival of the new broadcasting platforms, the documentary is amidst a period of transformation and adaptation. Now more than ever, the documentary gives a view of real life and is currently accessible to the most hard-to-reach markets.

The Master’s Degree in Documentary Filmmaking offers students an all-encompassing experience in this mediascape that is being transformed by the new technologies, developing the narrative, creative and technical aspects of the subject.

The course consists of a theoretical base that remains in permanent contact with the practical side, where the goal is for the master’s degree students themselves to complete all the stages of a documentary: development, production, filming and post-production.

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