The ESCAC talent behind C Tangana's 'El madrileño'

The new album of the artist C Tangana, ‘El Madrileño’, has become the best debut of a Spanish artist in history, breaking all records on Spotify and all digital platforms, generating 5 million plays of the album in just 24 hours.

The videoclips and visuals of the songs have also been coming out these days, and we can’t be happier as the photography of almost the entire album is done by ESCAC graduates; Pepe Gay de Liébana is the DoP of seven of them;  Te olvidaste, Comerte Entera y Párteme la cara, Muriendo de envídia, Cambia!, Ingobernable and Cuándo olvidaré; graduate Uri Barcelona is the DoP of Hong Kong and Nominao; and Arnau Valls is the DoP of Demasiadas Mujeres and Tú me dejaste de querer.The art team of the first 7 also included graduates Bea Figuerola and Isa Mattioni. 

C Tangana and his new album take over from Rosalía’s El mal querer, which also featured a lot of ESCAC talent in many of its music videos. 


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