Master's and Postgraduate courses 21/22

Whatever your experience, level of studies or the discipline you want to specialise in, we are sure to have a course for you. From the most classic ESCAC programmes in Directing, Cinematography or Editing, to other completely new ones such as the Postgraduate in Postproduction Supervision, the Master’s in Photographic Production or the Master’s in Storytelling.

The entertainment and content industry is experiencing a great moment in our country and this is demonstrated both by the recent successes of national productions worldwide and the great demand for specialised technicians and storytellers. At ESCAC we train both, and for this reason we have updated our training offer of postgraduate studies to these new demands of the professional market, creating new courses such as the Postgraduate in Postproduction Supervision, in which students will be trained to supervise all digital workflows from pre-production to the final delivery of materials; the Master in Photographic Production, in which students will be trained in the creation of images, narrative applied to still photography and in the artistic direction of photographic productions; the Master in Advertising Direction and Storytelling, where students will be trained to direct audiovisual works aimed at the commercial world in any format; or the Postgraduate in Cinematography Direction, which completes our existing offer in the field of Photography Direction.

In the international field, following the success of the first edition of the One Year Filmmaking,course, we have created the Master in Film Directing, a more specialised and focused on directing than the One Year Filmmaking course, which is more transversal and introductory.

Finally, as we announced a few days ago, we are launching our first Official University Master’s Degree at the University of Barcelona, the Master’s Degree in Film and Screen Studies, aimed at research into contemporary audiovisual culture and the history and evolution of moving images.

Enrolment is now open for the Master’s and Postgraduate courses for the 2021-2022 academic year, starting in both September and January. We recommend that you consult each of the programmes as access is different and specific for each one. Places will be filled as candidates are admitted.

We remind you that the only grants for ESCAC Master’s and Postgraduate programmes are internal grants for former students.

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