Making of 'Monjas espaciales'

We present the making of Space Nuns, the fiction piece that a team made up of different departments of the ESCAC filmed on 28 January, taking advantage of the set that the students of the Ephemeral Construction course had made.

“La nave”, as the project was called when it was still in its initial phase, is the first project as a training cycle for the students of Ephemeral Construction for the 2020-2021 academic year, on which they worked for 5 weeks.

It is also the first occasion in which the VFX Lab used the Virtual Production technique, a technique to create scenarios or virtual environments in which we can embed people or objects through the use of LED screens or Chroma, reducing the high costs of post-production.

This project is made in collaboration with ESCAC’s VFX Lab pro and the Photography, Art, Construction, Production, VFX, Editing, Sound and Direction departments of ESCAC have been involved in the filmed piece.

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