'Ni oblit ni perdó', best short film at the Gaudí Awards

The short film Ni oblit ni perdó, End-of-Degree Project directed by Jordi Boquet and produced by Anna Moragriega, has won the award for Best Short Film at the XIII Premis Gaudí of the Catalan Film Academy, held yesterday at the Auditorium of the Forum CCIB.

Based on the case of Guillem Agulló, this story is about the victims of fascist violence, but also about the pain of a family that cannot overcome the death of one of its members. His sister returns home and is forced to face both her parents’ and her own impotence.

The TFG / EDP short films are the End-of-Degree Project with which the students who have participated in it have graduated. They are produced by the school and have had 100% of the technical team formed at ESCAC.

In the last editions of the Gaudí Awards, ESCAC graduates have been present in the category of best short film, both with TFG short films and second short films; Tahrib (2020), La última virgen (2019), Los desheredados, La inútil (2018), En la azotea, Graffiti (2017), Nada S.A.(2016), Café para llevar, Álex (2015), highlighting the award obtained by Bárbara Farré in 2019 with her TFG La última virgen and Laura Ferrés in 2018 with her second short film Los desheredados.

Best Visual Effects for Lluís Rivera

The graduate, Lluís Rivera, won the Gaudí Award for Best Visual Effects, along with Anna Aragonès and Aleix Torrecillas for La Vampira de Barcelona, which won 5 awards: Gaudí for Best Film, Art Direction, Costumes, Visual Effects and Make-up and Hairstyling. This is the fifth Gaudí for Lluís Rivera (Los últimos días, REC4, Anacleto agente secreto and Superlópez) and the seventh for a graduate of the school.

In this 13th edition, ESCAC graduates had 12 direct nominations for their work and a total of 14 nominated productions had ESCAC talent in their team.

With these 2 Gaudí Awards obtained in this edition, ESCAC graduates have won a total of 48 Gaudí Awards to date.

Photography by ACC- Martí Pujol.

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