Final Pitches for the Master's Degree in Documentary Filmmaking

Having worked on the first draft of their scripts, the students of the Master’s Degree in Documentary Filmmaking have presented the second pitch for the projects they hope will go on to the production stage. The committee will decide whether the concepts presented on 18 May could be transformed into powerful stories and be mature enough as projects to go on to the production stage.

On this occasion, the international committee of experts for the final pitches was made up of Evelyn Araos from Canal 13 Cable (Chile), Vicente Canales from Film Factory, Cristina Bosch from CB Producer, Joan González from Docs Barcelona, the producer Fernando Acuña (Chile) and the director of the Master’s Degree Orlando Arriagada.

The goal of these pitches is for them to lead to projects for original, extremely relevant documentaries with great potential for international distribution.

The ESCAC Master’s Degree in Documentary Filmmaking immerses students in the practical and theoretical aspects of the different formats of modern documentaries.

With the arrival of the new broadcasting platforms, the documentary is amidst a period of transformation and adaptation. Now more than ever, the documentary gives a view of real life and is currently accessible to the most hard-to-reach markets.

The Master’s Degree in Documentary Filmmaking offers students an all-encompassing experience in this mediascape that is being transformed by the new technologies, developing the narrative, creative and technical aspects of the subject.

The course consists of a theoretical base that remains in permanent contact with the practical side, where the goal is for the master’s degree students themselves to complete all the stages of a documentary: development, production, filming and post-production.

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