The plays of the 4th grade students are premiered

As they do every year, the fourth year art and script students, with the collaboration of the Ephemeral Construction course, have prepared two plays to be performed on 23 June.


Gracias por mirar, 23 June at Plató 3 of ESCAC.

Supervised by Marta Buchaca (text and stage direction) and Sergi Corbera (set design). Written and directed by Jamie Southon, Daniela Univazo, Alicia Moncholí, Brenda Zavala. Art students: Clara Bosch, Lucía Fernández-Matamoros, Violeta Isunza, Júlia Llansana, Mar Miret, Justina Montserrat, Ruth Recasens, Glòria Ribas, Elena Richart, Laura Xarau.

Lucas (23), Minerva (35) and Enzo (45) are flatmates. One day they discover that their house is full of surveillance cameras and microphones. None of the three claim to have planted them, but they all have motives for doing so. When they start receiving messages with videos of the recordings, the best-kept secrets of each of them start to come to light.


Un año más, 23 June at Espai Fort Pienc, Barcelona. 

Supervised by Alícia Serrat (text and stage direction) and Sergi Corbera (stage design). Written and directed by Marina Figueras, Joan Martínez, Alexander Arias, Martín Duran, Carla Bové, Joan López and Javi Méndez. Set and costume design by Ruth Recasens, Laura Xarau, Violeta Isunza, Mar Miret.

In 2020, Laura is about to leave her flat after a decade of living with her group of friends. The walls of the living room are covered with drawings that have marked the evolution of each member since the 2010 World Cup. Together with them, we will relive the most crucial moments of their friendship and, behind the layers of paint, a stage that will mark the rest of their lives will come to a close.

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