Showrunner: Aula de Ficción' launches the call for its second edition

After the success of its first promotion, which has already produced three projects, one of them in pre-production –Detective Romi– and two others in development, it is now possible to register to take part in the next edition of the programme, aimed at providing comprehensive training for young creative talents in the world of audiovisual fiction.

With a duration of two years, the programme will be carried out online with the option of holding occasional face-to-face sessions and has a teaching team made up of professionals from the ESCAC and the best showrunners from Mediaset España and other collaborating companies.

Showrunner: Aula de Ficción‘, a programme created by ESCAC and Mediaset España to train and convert young creative talents into the future showrunners of Spanish fiction, has opened the registration and student selection process for its second edition.

‘Showrunner: Aula de Ficción’ was created in 2019 with the aim of training its students comprehensively in the field of television fiction, one of the most in-demand contents in the audiovisual industry. The programme will conclude its first edition with the first of its projects, ‘Detective Romi’, in pre-production, and two other projects currently in development. All of this is the result of the emerging talent of this innovative programme, which is now launching its second edition.

Showrunner: Aula de Ficción’ offers a training and professional space with contents related to audiovisual narrative, scriptwriting and production and development of projects and formats, among other areas.

The programme, aimed at young people with a vocation and capacity for written or audiovisual narrative and an interest in their development as screenwriters of serialised fiction, will run for two academic years and is based on ESCAC’s training method, inspired by the concept of learning by doing and project-based work.

According to the programme coordinator, Oriol Capel, “the work developed by the students in their projects is the backbone of ‘Showrunner: Aula de Ficción’, so both the tutorials and the pitches at Mediaset España are aimed at getting them to work as closely as possible to how they would work professionally in the industry”.

For her part, Arantxa Écija, Director of Fiction at Mediaset España, stresses that “we are very satisfied with the results achieved in the first edition. Through the diversity of students, a creative universe of great potential has been created that goes far beyond the world of communication and universities. Through ESCAC’s methodology, we have managed to focus the students’ work through the workshops towards an absolutely professional and not only academic vision, which has resulted in a high quality of the projects, most of which are absolutely producible”.

The new edition will be carried out online, although there will also be the possibility of holding face-to-face sessions from time to time. In addition, the final part of the course includes an internship programme in the Mediaset España environment through its production companies specialising in fiction.

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