'Mira lo que has hecho' Best Screenplay at the ALMA Awards

Today the winners of the ALMA Awards were announced, the awards given every year by the screenwriters’ union ALMA, awarding the graduate Enric Pardo for Mira lo que has hecho in the category of Best Comedy Series Screenplay. Congratulations!

Mira lo que has hecho, created by Berto Romero, it has among its ranks Enric Pardo as script coordinator; Javier Ruiz Caldera as director (seasons 2 and 3), Alberto de Toro (seasons 1, 2 and 3), Alberto Guitérrez and Oriol Pérez (seasons 1 and 2) in editing; Sergi Vilanova as director of photography (replacing Ricard Canyellas from season 1); Laura Díez as sound designer; Javier Rodero in the original music and Toni Carrizosa as executive producer, all of them graduates of the school. Mariona Mas, teacher at ESCAC, signs the costumes. In addition, the visual effects have been made by the ESCAC VFX Lab Pro, coordinated by Lluís Castells, supervised by Lio Estivill and with Albert Aynés in the production, all graduates.

A total of 5 graduates were nominated for this year’s awards.

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