Escac Talent 11
Escac Talent
ESCAC talent nominated at the Feroz Awards

Nine productions with graduates have been nominated for the Film Awards by the Association of Spanish Film Informers. 

'El gran Corelli', selected to compite for the Goya Awards

Six shortfilms directed by graduates, selected to compite for the Goya Awards in animation, fiction and documentary categories.

Ondas Award for the tv program 'Mira lo que has hecho'

2020 National TV Ondas Award for Best Comedy Tv Program. Congratulations to all the graduates of the team.

The EDP 'Grietas', selected at Camerimage Fest

Albert Gross‘ EPD with Alan Douglas as DoP has been selected at the prestigious Polish festival Camerimage Fest, dedicated to cinematography

Oriol Tarragó, Honorary Maria Award at Sitges

Post-production supervisor, sound designer and ESCAC alumni Oriol Tarragó has received an Honorary Maria Award at Sitges 2020 in recognition of his film work.

Stop motion workshop with Abel Carbajal

Students from the Animation and VFX programme took part in a Stop Motion workshop with ESCAC alumni Abel Carbajal, an animator at the prestigious studio Laika.

ESCAC talent fills Sitges Festival

La película de acción zombi Malnazidos, dirigida por Alberto de Toro y Javier Ruiz Caldera, será la encargada de inaugurar el festival

A project from the Master’s Degree in Screenwriting is selected for the TV Series Pitching Forum

The series project Las pequeñas grandes cosas has been selected to take part in the second edition of the TV Series Pitching Forum, organised by Serializados Fest and GAC

ESCAC talent at the San Sebastian Film Festival

The alumni of the ESCAC Master’s Degree in Scriptwriting, Lara Izaguirre (Un otoño en Berlín) is to inaugurate Zinemira

Iker Azkoitia, selected for the Spanish Film Academy’s “Residencias” Programme

The student of the Showrunner: Aula de ficción programme created by ESCAC and Mediaset España, has been selected for the Spanish Film Academy’s Residencias Programme

'Biznaga de Plata' for the best short film for ‘Jin Tian Bu Hui Xia Yu’

Graduate Adrià Guxens won the Biznaga de Plata award for the best short film in the Culinary Cinema section of the Malaga Film Festival