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We are in the university area of Terrassa, 30 km from Barcelona. With more than 12,000 students, Terrassa is the second university city in Catalonia and as such, it combines leisure and services to cover all the needs of students during their stay in the city.

Terrassa has recently been chosen as a film city of the “Creative Cities Network” of UNESCO.

The ESCAC campus is formed by the group of buildings of La Farinera (Plaça de la Farinera, 9) and the Vapor Universitari (Carrer Colom, 114). See map

We have newly built facilities covering more than 30,000 square metres in the La Farinera and Vapor Universitario buildings, fully set up to teach Film and Audiovisual studies.


The school has the following facilities and equipment, which are available to students for both classes and practical sessions.

  • Sets
    • 5 Sets: 350m2 / 280m2 / 200m2 / 100m2 / 223m2
    • 1 Animation Set: 60m2
    • 1 Theatre: 158m2
    • 1 Set for still photography, equipped with 2 Profoto flashes and a structure with background studio panels.
  • Workshops
    • 2 Construction Workshops: 350m2 / 150m2
    • 1 Carpentry Workshop 350m2
    • 1 Numeric Control Station for Construction of Set Decorations.
  • Stores
    • Costume and Prop Stores
    • Material Stores (Vapor and Farinera)
  • Other common spaces
    • Conference room – Auditorium Europa Vapor: 315 m2. Equipped with 4K video projection and 5.1 sound.
    • Vapor Media Library: 317m2. Equipped with a photographic printer and VisualCorner (photo-film collection service for development, with special ESCAC discount)
    • Zoom Events Room
  • Actor directing and staging room
  • Production room
    • Production rooms with Scheduling and EP Budgeting.
  • Photo-chemical image processing
    • 1 Still Photography Production / editing room, equipped with Epson V800 film scanner, photographic printer, cutting boards and guillotines.
    • 1 Rank Cintel Telecine Room for 16mm and 35mm.
    • 1 B/W still photo-chemical lab equipped with 12 enlargers and a negative and copy dryer.
    • 1 Photo-chemical lab for experimenting with negatives.
    • Lasergraphics Director 10K scanner for 70mm, 35mm and 16mm negatives.
    • Lasergraphics Archivist scanner for real-time scanning of 16mm and 8mm negatives.
  • Image post-production
    • Projection Colour Grading room equipped with HP Z8 high performance workstation and Barco 2K DCI digital projector on a 6×3.2m screen.
    • 3 individual digital colour grading boxes equipped with console and calibrated REC709 monitor.
    • 4 Boxes for Editing with Avid, Adobe Premiere CC and Davinci Resolve.
    • Teaching rooms for editing with Avid, Adobe Premiere CC and Davinci Resolve.
    • Digital Post-production Rooms with Maya, Arnold, Nuke, ZBrush, Houdini, Mari, Adobe Design Suite, etc.
    • VFX Lab.
  • Sound production and post-production
    • 3 Rooms for Sound Post-Production with ProTools Ultimate.
    • 1 Mixing Room for Surround Sound 5.1 and 7.1.
    • 1 Post-Production Room for Audio in Dolby Atmos Home, equipped with Meyer speakers and Dolby Atmos Production Suite.
  • Musical production and post-production
    • 1 music and voice recording studio, with a control room equipped with an Audient console and an Antelope Goalaxy 32 interface. Also adapted for recording with Foley and ADR’s.

Equipment and material

The school provides students with the material required to carry out the practical work and exercises assigned in the different subjects and according to the program.

  • Cameras and accessories
    • 35mm: ARRI LT, ARRI III, ARRI 435ES, ARRI BL4.
    • 16mm: ARRI SR3 Advanced, SR2, SR, Bolex 16mm, ARRI ST 16mm.
    • Digital: Alexa SXT W, Alexa Classic, Canon C300 MKII, Canon C100 MKII, Sony FS5, Blackmagic Pocket 4k, Blackmagic Pocket 6k.
    • Still photography: Fuji GFX100S camera, Canon 5D MKIV camera, 2 Pentax analogue medium format 6×7 camera systems, Hasselblad 501 Medium Format camera, 4 Nikon FM2 35mm cameras, 15 Nikon 801S 35mm cameras.
  • Lenses
    •  Zeiss Superspeed 1.4 MKI, Zeiss Superspeed 1.3 MKII, Zeiss Standard 2.1, Atlas Orion Anamorphic, Kowa Cine Prominar, Cooke Speed Pancro S2 TLS, Schneider Xenar, Schneider Xenon, Sigma Prime.
  • Grip Material
    • Travelling western Dolly, Easy rig, camera rigs, Steady bag, MOVI stabilizer, Tulip 5m camera crane.
  • Sound equipment
    • Recorders: Zaxcom NOVA, Sound Devices 688, Sound Devices 644, Sound Devices 788T, Sound Devices 702
    • Microphones: Sennheiser MKH 416, Sennheiser MKH 60, Sennheiser MKH 70, Schoeps CMIT, DPA 4060, Countryman B3, Sanken COS-11, Oktava Stereo Kit, DPA 5100 Mobile 5.1 Surround Mic
    • Wireless systems: Lectrosonics LS SRC-A1 + LS LMB-E-A1 , Zaxcom MR214 + ZMT4 + TRXLA3, Sony UWP-D21 + K33, Sennheiser Evolution G4
    • Accessories: Tentacle Sync, wireless listening devices

Acces and student Housing

To get here you have two train stations close to the school: FGC: Vallparadís – Universitat and RENFE: Terrassa Nord). The bus company SARBUS also offers the route Barcelona – Terrassa, departing from Sagrera.

You can stay at the Giralt i Serrà Residence Hall or the Hipatia Housing Complex, both managed by RESA and very close to the school.

You can also share a flat with other people, you can find a room at Casa Bauman or through our Escac Housing Facebook group.

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