School / Principles and values
School / Principles and values
Our principles
and values


The school’s academic staff is made up of working professionals, which gives students a direct view and contact with the reality of the sector. In certain courses, pitch sessions are organised with leading industry professionals who give feedback on the projects presented.

In addition, ESCAC organises master classes, premieres of films, series and documentaries, and talks with their creators.


More than 5,500 students of 65 different nationalities have studied at our school, contributing to cultural and community enrichment.

We have recently entered China with two training programmes and our students participate annually in Beijing Normal University’s Looking China cultural exchange programme.

ESCAC has been ranked as one of the best film and audiovisual schools in the world by international magazines such as The Hollywood Reporter.


From their first weeks at the school, students get used to working on projects and setting up their work teams, which, in most cases, they will continue to work with throughout their professional career. Graduates from the first graduating classes continue to film and work with their former classmates.

The school is an ideal place for networking: professionals who come to teach at ESCAC take students with them as trainees, Master’s students who collaborate with the Bachelor’s Final Degree Projects …, we encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities.


We are working to make the school a plastic-free place in the coming years and we are committed to green shooting.

We have inaugurated a solar photovoltaic installation with 686 modules and a surface area of 1,400 square metres. Located in the Vapor Universitario building, the installation has an output of 308 kW and will save 112 tonnes of CO₂ emissions per year.

This is the first phase of ESCAC’s energy sustainability plan, which aims to turn the school’s campus into a zero-emission campus.

Equitable access

Every year, the ESCAC Foundation allocates 15% of its budget to its scholarship programme to facilitate access to talented students with fewer financial resources.

We have a scholarship programme for new students (Bachelor’s and Foundation) and for former students (Master’s and Postgraduate).

We also offer students an internal job bank for anyone who wants to work at the school, combining it with their training.

Film heritage

Celluloid and photochemical film is one of the school’s hallmarks. The use of such material is transversal in all phases of the different studies.

The preservation of traditional techniques and film material, both our own and that of others, is one of the main lines of action for the coming years.

The ESCAC collaborates with the Plan for the systematic digitisation of the Filmoteca’s photochemical collections.

Creativity, art and culture

ESCAC, whatever you want it to be.

The school places all its facilities at the students’ disposal not only to develop the curricular practices and exercises but also for any initiative that the student proposes to us.

We value, encourage and support all artistic and cultural initiatives on campus, as long as they do not interfere with any course.

Diversity and gender

Since its creation, ESCAC has been a launching pad for numerous female talents in the industry. Roser Aguilar, Mar Coll, Marta Díaz, Belén Funes, and also team leaders such as Laura Pedro, Beth Rourich or Elena Ruiz have started their brilliant careers at our school.

Several working groups have been created to include a greater presence of films created, directed and produced by women in the syllabus, as well as to apply a transversal LGTBIQ+ approach to all the school’s actions.