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We teach how to tell stories from any of the disciplines taught at the school; directing, art direction, cinematography, documentary, screenwriting, editing, production, sound design or visual effects production.
Outstanding education

Master in Film and Screen Studies

Official Master's Degree in Film Studies: research into contemporary audiovisual culture and the history and evolution of moving images. (IN SPANISH)

Estudios fílmicos  

Master in Screenwriting

Learn the knowledge and tools you need to get by in audiovisual fiction writing through an eminently practical course. (IN SPANISH)


Master in Production

Learn everything you need for the production management and distribution of any audiovisual work. (IN SPANISH)


Sound School

Professional course in sound, the fastest growing and most needed discipline in the market. (IN SPANISH)

Escuelas técnicas  

VFX Supervisor

Professional course to enter the digital production visual effects industry. (In english)

Escuelas técnicas  
International Master
International Master

Master in Film Directing (English)

Learn the knowledge and techniques to direct audiovisual fictional works in any format. IN ENGLISH.
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