Student's life / Student Support
Student's life / Student Support

Student support service

The Student support service, aimed at both future students and students, is formed by the tutors / coordinators of the studies and aims to assess and guide the students during the entire training period through interviews and personalized attention tailored to the circumstances, needs and characteristics of each student.

Before any doubt, question or consultation on the academic-administrative functioning of the center, the student can request an interview with his tutor / coordinator. In case of not being able to attend or solve the problem, the case will be referred to the Head of Studies, who has the power to raise it before the competent organizations established by the School’s Internal Regulations.

Complaints, claims and suggestions:

Commission for Gender Equality

The Commission for Gender Equality follows the Protocol of the University of Barcelona for preventing, detecting and taking action on situations of sexual harassment or harassment on the grounds of sex, gender identity or sexual orientation, or any other sexist or anti-LGBTQIA+ conduct.

You can contact the Commission at the following e-mail address:

Protocol of the University of Barcelona for preventing, detecting and taking action
on situations of sexual harassment or harassment on the grounds of sex, gender
identity or sexual orientation, or any other sexist or anti-LGBTQIA+ conduct

Name change procedure for transsexual and transgender members of the UB community

You also have at your disposal the Department for attention and prevention of abuse in the audiovisual and performing arts sector in Catalonia created by the Catalan Film Academy with the support of the Department of Social Rights, Global Justice, Feminisms and LGTBI of the Barcelona City Council and the Department of Equality and Social Sustainability of the Barcelona Provincial Council: attention: 648 526 848 (whatsapp) and

Student representation

ESCAC students, with the aim of looking after their interests and as stated in its Internal Regulations, are duly represented within the following four bodies:

  • The ESCAC Academic Board
  • The Student Assembly
  • The Disciplinary Committee
  • The Quality Commission

The competences, attributions and functions of these can also be consulted in the Internal Regulations and under the supervision of the Quality Commission of the Centre.

Quality management

We provide students with various tools for quality control of the education they receive.

Students participate in the quality control of the centre through opinion surveys on the satisfaction with the teaching work, as well as with the degree itself. The course coordinators are in charge of monitoring the development of these surveys, and they transfer the documentation obtained to the Academic Secretary’s Office, who tabulates the results and transfers them to the Head of Studies, who issues a report, which is submitted to the Academic Board and the Quality Committee of the centre.

In both bodies, the student body is duly represented by four freely and democratically elected members.

Scholarships and Sources of funding

ESCAC has a scholarship programme and an internal job opportunities programme for anyone who wants to work at the school, combining it with their studies.

Other scholarships and grants that may be of interest to you:

Virtual Campus

The main channel of communication with students will be through the Virtual Campus and ESCAC’s corporate e-mail.

  • How are the communications with teachers?
    • By ESCAC corporate email (Office 365) and/or the classroom forum of the Virtual Campus.
  • Where can I consult the marks?
    • On the Virtual Campus.
  • Where do I find information regarding timetables and classrooms?
    • Through Virtual Campus you can consult the timetables and classrooms of your classes ( and APP CANVAS), through Webuntis ( you can consult the public timetables. In addition, at the main entrance of Colom 2 and Colom 1 (Farinera) and in Vapor there are information screens with the different classrooms and classes of the day
  • How will I be notified of any changes?
    • The change will be notified through Campus Virtual. Students are advised to check the application every morning the application to confirm timetable and classroom.
  • Am I entitled to any discount for being an ESCAC student?
    • On the Virtual Campus you will find a section with all the benefits of the ESCAC card.

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