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The school production company will help you make the leap to the professional world.

Films produced by the school

The ESCAC academic production company works to establish, strengthen and support a production framework that promotes and helps the talented young people trained at ESCAC to forge a career in the film and audiovisual industry.

Our in-house productions—shorts and features—have earned popular and critical acclaim in Spain and abroad, and have won more than 500 international awards, including:

Student Academy Awards Finalist 1999
Film Endora     Director Fernando Mainguyague
Sundance Festival Best International Short 2006
Film La ruta natural     Director Alex Pastor
Locarno Festival Critics’ Award 2007
Film Lo mejor de mi     Director Roser Aguilar
Goya Awards Best New Director 2009
Film Tres dies amb la família     Director Mar Coll
Goya Awards Best New Director 2011
Film Eva     Director Kike Maíllo
Goya Awards Best Fictional Short 2015
Film Café para llevar     Director Patricia Font
Cannes Festival Third Prize Cinéfondation 2015
Film Víctor XX     Director Ian Garrido

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0,60MG 2014 | Drama
Director: Gerard Martí

Carkoma and his friends laugh at Copito and bully him; meanwhile, Dani and Ainhoa have a quarrel once more. They all were leaving the disco when they unexpectedly found themselves trapped in a police sobriety checkpoint. Will they come through?

Alex 2014 | Drama
Director: Laura García

Alex was adopted at birth. Now that she has come of age, her biological mother has agreed to meet her. She has to choose between letting this opportunity pass or know her at last, striving to overcome the fear of loosing something precious on the journey.

Timothy 2013 | Suspense
Director: Marc Martínez

Simon is a little boy that has to deal with his babysitter, Sonia, a total nuisance. But that same night Simon will receive and unexpected visitor, Timothy, the main character of Simon’s favourite show, a visit he will never forget.

Una hora, un paso 2013 | Drama
Director: Bernat Gual, Aitor Iturriza

Juan is Spanish, he’s been imprisoned in Egypt for 17 years. A crew of reporters goes inside the prison for an interview without knowing that something terrible is about to happen. “Una Hora, Un Paso” is the unexpected chronicle of a drama told through the accounts of Juan and his wife, Miriam.

Un día especial 2013 | Comedia
Director: Daniel Padró

David is about to marry Cristina. He thinks she is the perfect woman and nothing can ruin their wedding day… or can it? When Captain Alpha (world-famed superheroe) crash-lands into the church, things start to get messy…apparently Cristina hasn’t been all that honest with David: when she gets angry, she turns into a huge supermuscled blue creature…


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