Cube Post joins ESCAC board

17.06.24 - School,

Cube Post, a comprehensive post-production company, joins ESCAC’s board of trustees with the common goal of promoting the training of future talent. As part of this synergy, he will collaborate in projects such as the Opera Prima Laboratory, The Dream Makers Contest, etc.

Cube Post

CUBE Post is a Spanish company that offers comprehensive post-production services for film, television and other media projects. They are known for their experience and high-quality work in various aspects of post-production, making them a significant player in the industry.


CUBE offers a wide range of post-production services, including:

  • Workflow Design: From preproduction to optimize and maintain color consistency throughout the image postproduction process.
  • Color Management: Colorimetry and creation of technical and creative LUTs. Calibration of HDR/SDR projectors and monitors.
  • Quality control and support during filming: Gross footage quality control (OCF) in its optimal format (HDR/SDR) and LTO9 tape support or the required support.
  • Editing rooms: We have offline editing rooms equipped with Avid or Premiere, on demand, with network storage system. Calibration and maintenance service included. Possibility of remote editing.
  • Color correction (Cinema, HDR/SDR): For film and video platforms. We have three color correction rooms.
  • Online Editing: Online editing in any resolution and export of materials for VFX in any format required by the client. Editorial effects (optics) such as re-setting, dynamic reframeing, stabilization, etc. Editors follow the whole project from ingestion to closure.
  • Mastering and deliveries: Generation of DCP masters (IOP, SMPTE), IMFs Dolby Vision or any other delivery required by platforms and TV.

¡We are delighted to celebrate this new union!