ESCAC and the Peruvian Ministry of Culture join forces to train young talents

strong>ESCAC and the Peruvian Ministry of Culture are joining forces to enable Peruvian students to train at ESCAC through the programme Estímulo al Fortalecimiento de Capacidades, within the Estímulos Económicos para el Fomento de la Actividad Cinematográfica y Audiovisual 2022, which aims to promote the national film and audiovisual industry.
12.05.22 - School,Education,

The grants of this programme will ensure the training of Peruvian professionals who have been selected in the most prestigious international schools, including ESCAC. In this way, applicants who have been admitted to study any of the following Master’s degrees will automatically be able to access an economic stimulus that will allow them to cover all the necessary expenses for their training process.

  • Master’s Degree in Film Directing
  • Master in Art Direction
  • Master’s Degree in Cinematography
  • Master’s Degree in Documentary Filmmaking
  • Master’s Degree in Scriptwriting
  • Master’s Degree in Editing
  • Master’s Degree in Production

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