Launching two new courses with MADS, Madrid Audiovisual Drama School

MADS is a new actor and actress training centre that open its doors with two courses organised in collaboration with the ESCAC: the Course for Creative Actors and the Course in Casting Direction.
16.09.22 - Education,

This first course will offer a three-year diploma in Acting and Audiovisual Creation, and two courses, both organised in collaboration with ESCAC: the Course for Creative Actors, and the Course in Casting Direction.

MADS offers “a global and practical teaching” that will put students in front of and behind the camera from day one. According to the school, this kind of approach “will help them find their way as creators in an audiovisual industry that offers more and more professional opportunities”.

“We believe that actors are creators,” says Carina Pardavila, director of MADS. “In today’s audiovisual industry it is increasingly common for actors themselves to direct, write, produce… Many successful series and films have emerged from the ideas and drive of actors and actresses. MADS is therefore, but also to the new demands of the audiovisual market”.