The ESCAC opens up to brands with a new master’s degree

The ESCAC is pleased to announce the creation of the new master's degree in Storytelling for Brands, which will start on 31 January 2022
12.11.21 - School,Education,

Luna Esquerdo, founder of Bambina Films, and Marc Sánchez, independent creative director, will be the directors of the new master’s degree that will work with projects for brands such as Moritz, Etnia, Blackie Books and El Segell del Primavera.

The master’s degree will offer students training in the creation, production and production of quality audiovisual content specifically for brands. Following ESCAC’s philosophy, the course will be eminently practical and will count on the collaboration of prestigious professionals in the sector from the advertiser, agency and production companies, such as Helena Marzo (independent creative director), Marc Oller (director, production company Canada), Lídia Valls (creative director VML/YR) and Dani Monedero (co-founder Grayskull).

In this way, students will not only learn the complete process of creating, producing and directing audiovisuals for brands, but will also have their first contact with the market.

According to Marc Sánchez, co-director of the master’s degree, “Brands increasingly need more and better audiovisual content. But it’s a different process to film and that’s what we’re going to teach them at ESCAC, of course through filming and shooting. Following real processes for real clients. Producing and realising as it is done in reality. And understanding each step well, so that the new generations of storytellers for brands get a head start in the market.”

Applications are now open and the selection process will begin early in the new year.