Post-production workshop I (Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking)

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Program details
Subject: Post-production workshop I
Code: 366993
Credits: 6
On-site activities: 50 hours
Directed work : 50 hours
Self-employed work: 50 hours

Learning outcomes

Carry out, in a creative way and thanks to the mastery of the necessary technical elements, the processes involved in the design, recording and post-production of the sound of an audiovisual work.

Thematic blocks

  1. Analysis of love songs: music and lyrics.
  2. Type of sound and musical production of a piece.
  3. The fundamental pillars of music theory: harmony, melody and rhythm.
  4. Use of the Garage Band music sequencer.
  5. Song structure: intro, verse, coda, return with chords, melodies, arrangements and rhythm.
  6. Lyrics.
  7. Revision of the song, correction of mistakes and preparation of the recording.
  8. Recording: voices and instruments.
  9. Selection of the pre-recordings, sound production proposal and processes to be followed in the mixing of the song.
  10. Final mixing and mastering.

Methodology and training activities

Training activities:

  1. Theoretical-practical face-to-face classes
  2. Tutored work
  3. Independent work

Teaching methodologies:

  1. Practical exercises: formulation, analysis, resolution or debate of a problem related to the subject matter of the course, with the objective of learning through the practice of programmed knowledge or skills.

Accredited assessment of learning

Exercises carried out by students