Staging (Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking)

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Program details
Subject: Staging
Code: 366989
Credits: 6
On-site activities: 50 hours
Directed work : 50 hours
Self-employed work: 50 hours

Learning outcomes

Devise, develop and write scripts for audiovisual works of different characteristics, formats and genres.

Communicate with actors when directing them and use the stage space as a means of expression in the staging of a dramatic work.

Thematic blocks

  1. Tools for communicating with actors when directing them.
  2. Analysis of the scenes of a script to understand what is to be communicated and how to do it.
  3. Understanding the emotional journey of the main characters in a story: where they start, where they pass through and where they end up.)
  4. The relationships between the characters in a play.
  5. The components that make up and shape a story: social context, period.
  6. The use of stage space as a means of expression.
  7. The dramatic action as the terrain where all the staging takes place: the link between performers, words and plastic arts.

Methodology and training activities

Training activities:

  1. Theoretical face-to-face classes
  2. Theoretical-practical face-to-face classes
  3. Tutored work
  4. Independent work

Teaching methodologies

  1. Lectures: presentation of the contents of the subject by the teaching staff.
  2. Practical exercises: formulation, analysis, resolution or debate of a problem related to the subject of the course, with the aim of learning through the practice of programmed knowledge or skills.
  3. Project development: idea, design, planning, execution and evaluation of audiovisual projects.

Accredited assessment of learning

Staging project