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Escac Stunt Academy

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Degree: Certified Diploma in Film Specialist by Escac Stunt Academy
Modality: On-site, face-to-face sessions
Dates: October 2024
Language: Spanish
Campus: Barberá del Vallés (InExtremis)
Coordinador del Curso: Aarón Vivar


With the Stunt master and Stunt foundation courses you will have the opportunity to train with a team of specialists with more than 10 years of experience and in the best facilities in the world, designed to be able to develop or learn unimaginable actions.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in filming and audiovisual practices in collaboration with the rest of the ESCAC courses. These internships will allow you to have a reel at the end of the course.

Choose your course and show us how far you can go.

About the ESCAC Stunt Academy

The Escac Stunt Academy is the result of the union between In Extremis Film Services, the leading company in the sector of special effects and film specialists, and ESCAC.

With over 12 years of experience producing and coordinating the best action scenes and special effects, both nationally and internationally, In Extremis Film Services joins forces with ESCAC to create the Escac Stunt Academy. With this action specialist academy, ESCAC ventures into the exciting world of action for cinema.

Objectives and Skills

Depending on the modality chosen, the course will train the student with the skills to be a film stuntman, from basic reactions and falls, to the most complex choreographies:

  • Develop specific film scene recreations
  • Motor skills necessary for the execution of stunts
  • Training in the use of sector-specific equipment
  • Acting in scenes
  • Job orientation using the necessary tools within the sector and safety in the execution of scenes

Target Audience

To anyone interested or curious about training in the world of action specialists.

Athletes who practice extreme sports, martial arts, acrobatics… and are interested in learning and adapting to the film world.

Actors and professionals in the field of performance who want to add skills to their acting abilities.

Students from other fields related to the audiovisual world who want to complement their knowledge with alternative and specialized training in action cinema.


Escac Stunt Academy offers two types of courses:

Degree in Action Specialist (700 hours)

The Action Specialist degree provides you with comprehensive training in all the skills necessary to become an action specialist.

The training is accompanied by specialist coordinators with over 12 years of experience in the industry and with a curriculum that will provide you with continuous evolution.

It consists of 2 courses; the first one with 700 hours focused on developing skills in stage combat, spatial control, falls, interpretation, physical preparation, machinery, and special effects. The second year of 350 hours focuses on applying this knowledge and training in creating action scenes. Modules such as action scene direction, planning, analysis of audiovisual projects, recording, and editing of action will take place in this second year.

Stunt Experience (150 hours)

The Stunt Experience course offers an introduction to the necessary skills of an action specialist. It lays the foundation for any specialist who wants to experience or continue training in the future. The course includes modules such as stage combat, spatial control, falls, interpretation, physical preparation, and special effects.

We offer 150 hours of training with a reduced schedule: Saturdays from 8am to 1pm, with a more compact format. The course has a total duration of 9 months.

Stunt Club

Students interested in joining the In Extremis Film Services agency will have the opportunity to take the entrance exam once the training is completed.

We offer the best facilities and audiovisual resources for the development of our students, becoming the best specialist center in the world with specific facilities for any progression, ensuring the realization of actions with total safety.


Contact directly with the specialist academy on the Barberá del Vallés Campus:

Phone: +34 655 67 47 49


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