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The Sound School

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The Sound School

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Program details
Degree: Diploma in Sound
Modality: On-site, face-to-face sessions
Dates: September 2024
Duration: 1 academic course and optional projects
Language: Spanish
Course Director: Marc Bech
Course Coordinator: Laura Diego


Sound, the discipline with the greatest growth and need in the market.

The irruption of audiovisual platforms and the high demand for both cinematographic and serialised content have created a great need for specialists and technicians throughout the chain of professionals who produce this content. We created The Sound School to train these qualified professionals who, in a course of no more than a year and a half, will be able to form part of the audiovisual industry, both in terms of content and attitude, acquired during their training at our school.

The Sound School offers students a comprehensive, creative and technical training, providing a solid foundation, both practical and formal, to enter the sound sector.

We take advantage of the ESCAC environment to put this knowledge into practice in a real production system in constant interaction with the rest of the school’s film departments. The Sound School students will work in the internship area with both Bachelor and Master students, obtaining in a year and a half of training an advanced theoretical and practical knowledge that, due to the high demand of current professionals, will allow them to integrate in a very short period of time in high-level professional productions.

Objectives and Skills

At the end of The Sound School, the student will be able to work as:

  • Live sound technician
  • Microphone operator
  • Studio technician in ADR and Foley
  • Studio technician in music recording
  • Dialogue editor
  • Effects editor

Target Audience

The Sound School is aimed at anyone who wants a comprehensive and intensive immersion in the world of audiovisual sound capture and treatment in a real film and production environment.

No selectivity or previous qualifications are required, although it is recommended to enter from the Baccalaureate, a Higher Grade Cycle or with university studies related to the audiovisual sector.

It is also possible to enter with a video-reel that demonstrates the student’s knowledge and skills.

Admission requirements

At The Sound School we believe in talent, so if you have no previous qualifications you can still apply. Afterwards, through a selection process and a personal interview, we will determine your aptitude for admission.

To access this course it is necessary to present:

  • CV
  • Videopitch of 3 minutes
  • Statement of 600 words maximum

Students who opt for the 30 additional credits that complete the training as a Higher Speciality Master’s Degree in the area of sound must accredit previous knowledge by means of a reel and an interview with the director of the Master’s Degree.


Title of course: Specific Title in Sound

Minimum duration of studies: 1 academic year

  Syllabus The Sound school 

Teaching team

Oriol Tarragó
Diseñador de sonido y Supervisor de montaje de sonido
Marc Orts
Mezclador de sonido
Marc Bech
Diseñador de sonido y Supervisor de montaje de sonido
Yasmina Praderas
Mezcladora de sonido para cine
Victor Tort
Diseñador de sonido
Boi Martínez
Diseñador de sonido
Jorge Adrados
Montador de diálogos
Leo Dolgan
Jefe de sonido directo
Isaac Bonfill
Jefe de sonido directo
Diego Casares
Jefe de sonido directo
Marta Monistrol
Foley Artist
Kiku Vidal
Foley Artist
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