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Education / Master's Degree

Master in Screenwriting

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Master in Screenwriting

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Program details
Degree: Master's Degree in Screenwriting
Modality: On-site, face-to-face sessions
Dates: September 2023
Credits: 60
Language: Spanish
Master's Director: Irene Ortega, Aintza Serra
Master's Coordinator: Mireia Vidal, Tere Zuluaga


ESCAC’s Master’s Degree in Screenwriting is a professional and eminently practical course designed to help students work on a television series and a feature film project from the outset.

Seminars, master classes and project tutorials will complement the practical workshops with the tools, knowledge and skills needed to write a script for a feature film or television fiction series, as well as introducing them to the craft of screenwriting.

Objectives and Skills

The main objective is to introduce students to the professional environment of both film and television, so that they can develop their skills in writing audiovisual fiction.

At the end of the Master’s degree, students will be able to:

  • Structuring a story in the most effective way possible, taking into account information management, narrative pacing, point of view definition and the emotional journey of the viewer.
  • To convey a thesis and a narrative intention that makes the story deeper, more effective and clearer.
  • Mastering film dialogue, working on its rhythm and particular stylisation.
  • Master the construction of characters, taking care of their internal, external and contextual dimensions, and clearly defining their conflicts.
  • To be able to place any audiovisual script in a genre (or combination of genres), knowing and mastering its rules.
  • Know how to deal with project presentations and pitching sessions.

Target Audience

The Master’s Degree is aimed at all university graduates with an interest and/or experience in audiovisual fiction writing, whether in film or television.

Students from film schools or artistic disciplines.

Students with accredited professional experience in the audiovisual sector.

Admission requirements

The Master will carry out a selection process for students; those interested should send the following documentation:

  • CV
  • Cover letter / Statement
  • Synopsis of the feature film they wish to develop during the Master’s course
  • Synopsis of the TV series you want to develop during the Master’s course

On the first Friday of each month, the student who wishes to apply for a place and has sent the application form will receive a writing test by email to be completed within 48 hours.


Title of studies: Specific Master’s Degree in Scriptwriting

Minimum length of studies and credits: One academic year and 60 credits

Syllabus Master’s Degree in Screenwriting

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