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Master in Documentary

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Master in Documentary

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Degree: Master's Degree in Documentary
Modality: On-site, face-to-face sessions
Dates 22-23: January 2023
Dates 23-24: January 2024
Credits: 60
Language: Spanish
Master's Director: Orlando Arriagada
Master's Tutor: Cristina Bosch
Master's Coordinator: Christian Checa


The Master’s Degree in Documentary at ESCAC provides students with an immersion in the practical and theoretical dimensions of the different formats of today’s documentary filmmaking.

With the advent of new broadcasting platforms, the documentary is in a period of transformation and adaptation. Today, more than ever, documentaries offer a vision of the realities of this world, and are for the first time accessible to the hardest-to-reach markets.
As creatives developing in a media landscape that is being transformed by new technologies, we are aware of the importance of better understanding how we can position our documentaries in a broader and more viable context.

The diversification of formats and the opening of markets allow us to propose diverse stories and content. The frontiers, in terms of content, language, territory and medium, are currently very narrow. This change can be perceived as a creative source and can be materialised through the content of a programme made up of three main axes, which are our main bases.

  1. How stories are told (the formats)
  2. How the stories are seen (the platforms)
  3. Who we tell the stories to (the market)


Objectives and Skills

At the end of the Master’s Degree, students will be able to:

  • Acquire the skills and put into practice the most important tools of documentary writing.
  • Understand the documentary market. How it is produced and sold locally and internationally.
  • To have knowledge of the different sub-genres of documentary. From the industrial documentary for large platforms, through the hybrid documentary that fluctuates between fiction and non-fiction, to the auteur documentary that possesses a language and vision of the creator.
  • To find his creative path, his point of view as a storyteller and to develop audiovisual works so that they can have more visibility beyond the academic context.
  • Develop your own identity as a creator and producer to establish strategies to: sell your idea, establish partnerships, sell and distribute the final product, exploit and transform an original IP idea and create spin-offs.
  • Understand and learn about the national and international documentary industry landscape through proactive feedback with active teachers and experts from around the world.
  • Understand documentary production as a team effort, where everyone has a fundamental role to play in the final result.

Target Audience

University graduates in Audiovisual Communication, Fine Arts or other university degrees related to the audiovisual field.

Students with a keen interest in the creation and sale of documentaries in different formats and markets.

Students from film schools or artistic disciplines.

Students with a Higher Degree in audiovisual projects and shows or equivalent.

Professionals with proven experience in the audiovisual sector who wish to switch or update their discipline.

Professionals in the film or audiovisual sector who want to delve deeper into the practice of documentary filmmaking.

Admission requirements

Applicants for the Master’s Degree in Documentary Filmmaking must submit:

  • a portfolio
  • a first approach to a documentary project
  • a CV
  • a videopitch


Title of studies: Specific Master’s Degree in Documentary

Minimum length of studies and credits: One academic year and 60 credits

Syllabus Master’s Degree in Documentary

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