Rubén Montero / Drama / Short Film

Oscar has dreamed that his girlfriend left him at the bar at that end where they are now. Just at that moment, Ana has left Thomas after many years of relationship. At the same time, Javier proposes to his best friend, Sergio, travelling with him to Paris. Three stories in a bar. Three stories of people who, despite being accompanied, feel very alone.

Solitarios Rubén Montero · 2013 / Drama / Short Film Créditos Screenplay Rubén Montero, Albert Camps Production Carles Cambres Cinematography Robert C. Carrera Production Design Hodei del Barrio Editing Imanol de Frutos Sound Design Elisabeth Casabó, Félix M. Dowell Costume Design Txell Tous Make up Júlia Gálvez Cast Pep Ambrós, Marta Aran, Lluïsa Valldaura, Oliver Albert, Javier Beltrán, Sergio Alfonso
Solitarios Rubén Montero · 2013 / Drama / Short Film Premios
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