A great presence of ESCAC talent at D’A Film Festival

01.04.24 - School,

D’A Film Festival, the Barcelona auteur film festival, stands out once again for the great presence of ESCAC Talent in its programming.

The festival, recognized for its dedication to independent cinema, will offer a diverse selection of feature films and short films, among which are several productions of students from ESCAC.


  • Un lugar común, by Celia Giraldo, a project participating in the ESCAC’s Opera Prima Laboratory
  • Nina, by Andrea Jaurrieta
  • Historia de Pastores, by Jaime Puertas Castillo
  • Mamífera, by Liliana Torres
  • Solo Arrojaron, by Adrià Pagès Molina


Our students will also be present in the various short film sections of the festival,

  • Trenc d’Alba, by Anna Llargués
  • Els buits, by Isa Luengo, Sofia Esteve and Marina Freixa Roca


In addition, we have our own section within the festival, called ‘Curts ESCAC’, where they will be screened:

  • Bienvenida by Ana Rodríguez Dovat and Diego Cárdenas
  • Anita, by Aixa Guerrero
  • Stray Animals Mecanics, by Alexandra Ershova
  • La frontera, by Teo Nicolau Martín
  • La durée, by Ariana Doric
  • Ramón Corrugado y la ciudad cartón, by Daniel González Omaña
  • Lo que pasa mañana, by Anna Montón Vèrnia
  • Klittra, by Mariona Martínez
  • Con traje y sin zapatos, by Clara Cebrián Segon


The great presence of our Alumni at D’A Film Festival is a testimony to the talent and creativity that flourishes at ESCAC, as well as the festival’s commitment to promoting independent and auteur emerging cinema.

Many congratulations to the directors and to the whole team that has made the productions possible!