Two short films by Escac Films compete in Sitges

POINT JORDAN will compete in the Official Selection and FRÍO POLAR in SGAE Nova Autoría.

Two Final Degree short films produced by Escac Films will compete at the Sitges Film Festival, in the Official Selection and in the SGAE Nova Autoria section.

Point Jordan, Final Degree Film directed by Pol Miró, will compete in the Official Selection of the festival, while Frío Polar, Final Degree Animation Film directed by Albert Perdices, will compete for the SGAE Nova Autoria Award.

Point Jordan, TFG by Pol Miró

D-Day, 1944. Carlton Pilecki, paratrooper of the 506th Regiment, is alone and lost behind German lines. His objective will be to find his comrades and thus be able to complete his mission. To do so, he will start a path of no return through unknown territory in which, step by step will guide him to his destiny.

Frío Polar, TFG by Albert Perdices

Mö lives on an island of endless winter, despite having everything he needs he is not happy. To change this he is going to carry out a crazy plan to escape to the island of his dreams.

Congratulations to the team of graduates for this selection!

The Final Degree (TFG) and Master’s Degree (TFM) are the short films with which ESCAC students graduate. They are produced by Escac Films and with a technical team trained entirely at ESCAC.


Escac Sitges Week

As every year, the school moves its academic activity to the Sitges Film Festival for a week with the Sitges ESCAC Week. More than 400 students from the school are accredited at the Festival, where in addition to being able to watch the films being screened, they participate in different activities such as special screenings, conferences and masterclasses.

Ópera Prima Laboratory Sessions

Escac will be holding the second face-to-face meeting of the Ópera Prima 2022 Laboratory, a programme that works on the development of six different projects over six months, within the framework of the Sitges Film Festival. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in different master classes and workshops with Kike Maíllo, David Serrano and producer Gustavo Ferrada, as well as present their projects to the industry.

Escac Sitges Fantastic Academy

Cine Base is once again organizing the Escac Sitges Academy, a series of workshops aimed at educational centres whose objective is to introduce children to filmmaking and explore the elements that define the horror genre.