ESCAC and Escola Pia de Catalunya, new patrons of Escodi

ESCAC will be responsible for managing the degree in Commerce and Distribution, the only one of its kind in Catalonia.
18.11.19 - School,

Escac will be responsible for managing the degree in Commerce and Distribution, the only one of its kind in Catalonia.

The Foundation of the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC), Las Escuelas Pías de Cataluña, and Dr. Dolors Puig, in her personal capacity, are the new members of the Patronato de la Fundación de la Escuela Superior de Comercio y Distribución (Escodi).                                                                                                                                       They replace the Generalitat de Catalunya, Terrassa City Council and Terrassa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which promoted the creation of the school in 2000. Once Escodi’s training offer was consolidated with its affiliation to the University of Barcelona in 2017, the former employers decided to give other entities the opportunity to promote studies – unique in Catalonia – hand in hand with the expertise and creativity of the ESCAC. The change of patronage has already been approved by the various bodies and entities and was registered with the Generalitat on 3 October. The Generalitat and Terrassa City Council have already expressed their willingness to continue supporting university retail training in Catalonia.

New stage
Escodi’s objectives for this new stage are:

  • The progressive implementation of an “experiential” educational and pedagogical system with a direct and permanent relationship with the business fabric of retail and distribution.
  • Its consolidation as a university educational centre in the second and third crown of Barcelona, opening up to new international markets with demand for specialised training.
  • Reorganisation of the training offer, which will involve the modification of the Degree in Commerce and Distribution to adapt it to the new “experiential” academic and pedagogical system and the creation of new Executive Programmes focused on the new needs of retail and distribution such as Omni-channeling, Digitalisation of commerce, Big data, Purchasing Management, Geolocation or Tourism and Retail.
  • Opening of a new pedagogical line as a result of the synergies between ESCAC and Escodi, focused on Business Entertainment.
  • Maintenance and incorporation to the teaching team of top level professionals to consolidate Escodi’s growth in this new stage.