FECE, FEDICINE and ESCAC launch a campaign to encourage attendance at cinemas

"Come to the cinema... where the real stars are" is the claim chosen for this new campaign with the aim of attracting viewers to cinemas at a key time for the recovery of the sector.
17.11.22 - School,

The ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya), FECE (Federación de Cines de España) and FEDICINE (Federación de Distribuidores Cinematográficos) have presented a new campaign to encourage cinema attendance.

The cinemas are facing a key period, until the end of the year, which is set to mark a milestone in the recovery of cinema-goers compared to the pre-pandemic figures, which still show a 40% drop (between 1 January and 31 October).

The campaign spot is directed by ESCAC filmmakers Lucas Parra and Gerard Claramunt together with a team of graduates from the school, and can be seen from this weekend in cinemas and on the official profiles of the main social networks of the exhibition and distribution industry.

For the filmmakers, Lucas Parra and Gerard Claramunt: “When we were thinking about the concept of “Intergalactic Popcorn” we wanted to pay tribute to the cinema we are passionate about. We wanted to make a daring advert that would attract attention and arouse curiosity. And we thought the best way was to create a little adventure full of references to the great films that have made us dream so much”.

The presentation ceremony was attended by representatives of the film distribution and exhibition sector, including Luis Gil, Director General of FECE, Camilo Tarrazón, President of the Gremi de Cinemes de Catalunya and Estela Artacho, President of FEDICINE.

According to Luis Gil, director general of FECE: “While cinema attendance has increased by 69% compared to 2021, we still have some way to go to reach the pre-pandemic normality. With this campaign we want to give an additional boost to dates that are very important for our sector, such as December and Christmas, and which will mark the final results of the year”.

For Estela Artacho, president of FEDICINE: “Before the end of the year, there are many good films and great productions, reason enough to fill the cinemas and go to the cinema with the family, alone, as a couple or with friends. At FEDICINE we want to highlight and celebrate the joint work of the sector in initiatives such as the one we are presenting today to continue promoting cinema. Coming to the cinema makes for more and better cinema”.

This campaign aims to make a new appeal to viewers to recover cinema attendance as a social and cultural habit and is open to all agents of the film industry who want to add their support to the campaign.