Fèlix Colomer, director of the Master in Documentary, premieres a new series at MAX

30.06.24 - Escac talent,

Fèlix Colomer, director of the Master in Documentary, premieres ‘Publio: The Never Ending Kidnapping‘ on the MAX streaming platform.

The series, which addresses the infamous kidnapping of Publio Cordón by the GRAPO (Groups of Antifascist resistance First of October), is distinguished by the Catalan production as a whole and the connection between Alumni and ESCAC teachers.

The series offers an exhaustive and detailed view of one of the darkest and most complex chapters in recent Spanish history. With a powerful narrative and a rigorous approach, ‘Publio: The Never Ending Kidnapping’ seeks not only to tell the facts, but also to explore the emotions and long-term impact of kidnapping on the family of Publio Cordón and Spanish society.


This production stands out for the special connection between Alumni and ESCAC teachers, who have collaborated closely in the realization:

· Fèlix Colomer: Script and Direction

· Rafa de los Arcos: Performer

· Pau Bacardit y Guiu Vallvé: Mounting

· Juan Cobo: Camera Operator


With a committed documentary approach and high quality production, ‘Publio: The Never Ending Kidnapping’ is an essential series for those interested in contemporary history and well-explained human stories.

¡Great congratulations to the whole team and great success in this new project!