Quiero hacer cine

QUIERO HACER CINE, directed by carlos Alonso and produced by ESCAC Films. New ESCAC spot.
29.05.19 - School,

We present the new ESCAC spot, produced by ESCAC FILMS and directed by alumnus Carlos Alonso, together with a technical team of ESCAC graduates including Javier de la Llave (production direction), Yuse Riera (cinematography direction), Federico Mayorga (screenplay), Raúl Kingtai (editing), David G. Ferrer (sound) and the VFX made at the ESCAC LAB under the supervision of Lluís Castells, Luís Cossio and the composition of the soundtrack by Joan Vilà.

The spot stars the actress Alba Sáez and the voice-over was provided by the actress Nausicaa Bonin.