New monthly Escac access system

We are moving from a single entrance exam in June to a monthly system starting in January.
15.01.18 - School,Education,

Every June it was the same thing. An avalanche of calls and emails from people overwhelmed with doubts about the portfolio, the audio-visual test and the mess of pre-enrolment through Accesnet, a mess that multiplies for those from outside Catalonia.

We try to explain it at the fairs (Unitour, Saló), at the open days and in all the informative mails we send you when you ask us for information about the degree. But that’s how it is. In June a lot of things come together and the stress is overwhelming.

We want you to do your portfolio calmly and with enough time. We want you to stop now for a moment and then have all the time you need to study for the university entrance exam and get the maximum marks. For all these reasons, we have moved from a single entrance exam in June to a monthly system that starts now in January (Saturday 27th) and ends in June (15th). You can take it now, or in February, or in March, or whenever you want. We recommend you to do it as soon as possible, fight for your APTO in Escac and then you only have to wait for the final cut-off mark.

And if for whatever reason you don’t pass, you can take the exam a second time in the ordinary exam, on 15 June 2018.

All the information about the process, documentation and calendar, here.

If you are interested in accessing the scholarship programme, there is only one call for applications and it is in April. All the information here.

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