TRENC D’ALBA, short film produced by ESCAC Films, selected at Cannes Festival

Trenc d'alba, a short film produced by ESCAC Films and directed by the student Anna Llargués, is part of the official La Cinef section at the Cannes Film Festival, which takes place in the city from May 16 to 27, 2023.
26.04.23 - Escac Films,

The short film tells the story of a rural family that lives in an isolated farmhouse, built by their ancestors. Due to humidity and lack of communication, maintaining it has become impossible and it has even been declared in ruins. However, the family fights to save what is their home. Meanwhile, Elián, a teenager, and Irene, his little sister, learn from his grandfather’s hobby: shoot super 8. By filming, they will turn the spaces into a memory. In the process, they begin to wonder what their new place will be.

About ESCAC Films

Escac Films, ESCAC’s academic production company, manages and coordinates the Final Degree Projects (TFG), the Speciality Master’s Final Projects (TFM) and the Master’s Degree in Directing, in all their phases, from development to exploitation and promotion, with the aim of professionalizing the working methodology of academic productions.

The challenge of Escac Films is to lay the foundations and consolidate a type of production that enables the promotion and incorporation of young talents trained at ESCAC into the film and audiovisual industry, highlighting their excellence and capacity for innovation.

The Final Degree Projects (TFG) are the short films with which ESCAC students graduate. They are produced by Escac Films and have a technical team trained entirely at ESCAC.