Production workshop (Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking)

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Program details
Subject: Production workshop
Code: 366988
Credits: 6
On-site activities: 50 hours
Directed work: 50 hours
Self-employed work: 50 hours

Learning outcomes

  1. Apply the techniques and mechanisms of the production of audiovisual works for decision-making during the processes of ideation, development and exploitation.
  2. Know and be able to apply the requirements for filming to be sustainable and respectful of the environment.
  3. Behave in accordance with the ethical principles of the profession, with no room for ideological discrimination leading to offence or contempt for people.
  4. Demonstrate creative and enterprising capacity, to formulate, design and manage projects and to seek and integrate new knowledge and attitudes.
  5. Work autonomously, make decisions and adapt to new situations.

Thematic blocks

1. Production I: Creativity

    • The idea
    • Creativity techniques
    • Imagining without filters
    • Selling the idea
    • Pitch

2. Production II: design and preparation

    • Taking care of the idea
    • Teamwork
    • The plan
    • Roles
    • Calendar
    • Budget
    • Needs
    • Job security
    • Timetables
    • Communication
    • Official procedures

3. Production III: implementation

    • Filming

4. Production IV: completion

    • Post-production
    • Closing
    • Presentation
    • Analysis
    • Criticism and self-criticism

Methodology and training activities

Actividades formativas:

  1. Theoretical face-to-face classes
  2. Theoretical-practical face-to-face classes
  3. Independent work
  4. Tutored work

Teaching methodologies:

  1. Lectures: presentation of the content of the subject by the lecturer.
  2. Practical exercises: formulation, analysis, resolution or debate of a problem related to the subject matter of the course, with the aim of learning through the practice of programmed knowledge or skills.

Accredited assessment of learning

Work done by the student