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Program details
Degree: Diploma in Foundation
Modality: On-site, face-to-face sessions
Dates: September 2024
Credits: 60
Language: Spanish
Course Coordinator: Tere Zuluaga


Foundation is a pre-university course that provides an introduction to audiovisual narrative through the presentation of the techniques and arts that encompass the trades of the medium.

With a highly practical and creative profile, this course provides a global and diverse vision of the sector, as well as offering students basic training in each of the departments to enable them to assess their interest in it.

Objectives and Skills

The objectives of the course are as follows:

  • To introduce students to the practice of the main tools and trades of cinematographic language.
  • To encourage students to find their own voice in their creations.
  • To understand filmmaking as teamwork, where each role plays a fundamental role in the final result.

Target Audience

To all pre-university students and students who want to prepare for entry to the degree in Cinematography at ESCAC.

Foundation offers the opportunity to spend a year researching, identifying and developing their interests in the audiovisual field. It is an introductory course to the audiovisual arts, useful for any higher studies.

Passing Foundation exempts you from taking the Personal Aptitude Test (PAP) for entry to the Degree.

Admission requirements

No previous university entrance exams or qualifications are required for entry to the Foundation course.

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