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VFX Supervisor

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Course: VFX Supervisor
Modality: On-site, face-to-face sessions
Dates: September 2024 - March 2025
Schedule: Mon, Tues, Thurs 16h-20h
Language: English
Course Director: Lionel Estivill
Course Coordinator: Sílvia Calabuig
Price: 5.900 (special launching prize)


The visual arts sector offers a wide range of professional profiles dedicated to the design, generation and production of digitally-created images that will be created for and/or integrated into all types of audiovisual productions. The first and last process in an audiovisual piece created with VFX requires and is dependent on one figure: the VFX Supervisor.

The VFX Supervisor channels and transfers the creative decisions to a more technical setting in order to materialize an idea or briefing based on the script.

This course provides the student with comprehensive, creative, technical training, supplying the solid practical and formal foundations for their integration into the VFX industry. We make use of ESCAC’s environment to put this training into practice in a real-life production system in constant interaction with the rest of the school’s film industry departments.

Another aspect that this course deals withs is the arrival of AI and how it is used and will be used in the future in an environment that generates a greater demand for audiovisual content.

What is a VFX Supervisor

Imagine someone who is an expert in visual arts and somewhere between a creative strategist and a project manager. That is what a VFX Supervisor is. This key position person is in charge of the entire visual effects process of a production. Their superpowers are listed here:

1. Creative Vision: A VFX Supervisor works hand in hand with directors, photography directors and producers in order to understand their vision. Then, while creating these effects, they lead a team of artists who are experts in each of the VFX areas.

2. Planning and Budget: An VFX Supervisor is a kind of digital architect. They plan how the effects will be created, how much they will cost and how long the process will take.

3. Team Management: Coordinating a team of VFX artists is like directing an orchestra. A VFX Supervisor ensures that everyone is on the same page and working to achieve a common goal.

4. Quality Control: A VFX Supervisor is a quality custodian. Every explosion, creature or effect must meet the highest standards.

Target Audience

The VFX Supervisor course is intended for students who are looking for a comprehensive and intensive immersion experience in the VFX industry in real-life cinematographic and film production conditions.

Admission requirements

The course is imparted in English, so students must have a professional level of oral and written comprehension to follow the class and the project.

You will also be asked to provide a portfolio or showreel to prove you have a basic knowledge of VFX, although ESCAC believes in talent and so even if you have no previous qualifications, you can still apply.

Then, by means of a selection process and a personal interview, we will decide whether you are proficient enough to be admitted to the course.

We are looking for different student profiles for this course:

—Students with experience or training in management/production.
—Students with experience or training in VFX.
—Students with experience or training in other specialized cinematographic areas.


Title of degree: Specific Title in VFX Supervisor


Teaching team

Maria Tortosa
Head of VFX
Laura Pedro
VFX Supervisor
LLuis Castells
VFX Supervisor
Carlos Yau
Realtime Supervisor
Manu Leon
Photo Director
Xavi Martin
FX Supervisor
Lionel Estivill
VFX Supervisor
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