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Education / Master's Degree

Master in Production

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Master in Production

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Program details
Degree: Master's Degree in Production
Modality: On-site, face-to-face sessions
Dates: September 2024
Credits: 60
Language: Spanish
Master's Director: Aintza Serra
Master's Coordinator: Sílvia Calabuig


The Master’s Degree in Production is made up of the Postgraduate Degrees in Line Producing and Film Business.

The two programmes are both complementary and independent, and can be taken separately without having to take both of them.

Target Audience

Graduates in Business Administration and Management, Advertising and Public Relations, Law, Audiovisual Communication or other university degrees related to the audiovisual field.

Students from film schools or artistic disciplines.

Students with a Higher Degree in audiovisual projects and shows or equivalent.

Professionals with proven experience in the audiovisual sector who wish to switch or update their discipline.

Professionals in the film sector who want to delve deeper into the field of production, creation and exploitation of audiovisual products.

Admission requirements

To gain access to the Master’s Degree, applicants must present:

  • CV
  • Motivational statement
  • Video pitch
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