One Year Filmmaking

You will be able to produce audiovisual works in any format

The One Year Filmmaking course provides students with the knowledge and techniques to prepare them to produce audiovisual works in any format. You will learn about and perform the work of the director and of the other members of the filmmaking team in the preparation, filming and post-production processes. You will also obtain overall knowledge of the tasks performed by the other members of a production team involved in audiovisual works: director of photography, art director, editor, sound designer, etc.

All this knowledge and skills will be acquired through continued practical work in audiovisual narrative exercises. The course also includes theoretical subjects that, using film as a permanent basis, cover various areas of contemporary audiovisual art, from the most innovative trends in current cinema to a historic-cultural insight into Spanish film over the past twenty years.

Who it is
aimed at

Graduates in Communication, Hummanities, Arts and Design.

Cinema, audiovisual and media professionals who would like to deepen their knowledge on Film Making.

Admission requirements

To gain admission to the course, you must first pass a selection process and meet the administrative requirements.

Students should send the following documents through the application form:
· A statement
· The synopsis of a short film
· Five original photographs

Teaching Method

Learning by doing

The course is based on the “learning by doing” method: students undertake several practical audiovisual narrative sessions throughout the course, into which they integrate the conceptual and technical knowledge acquired.


Students are split into teams of four. Each student is the sole responsible for directing his/her own filmmaking exercises. Additionally, he/she must play an active different role in the filmmaking exercises of the other members of the group.

Students will also have the possibility of filming different extracurricular group projects during the weekend, as long as they have the approval of the tutor of the course.

Structure and Subjects
Film Analysis
5 ECTS Credits. Film Studies.
Trends and Aesthetics in Contemporary Cinema
5 ECTS Credits. Film Studies.
Spanish Cinema: from Almodóvar to the Present Day
5 ECTS Credits. Film Studies.
Practice in Audiovisual Narrative
18 ECTS Credits.
Audiovisual Techniques and Script
24 ECTS Credits. Introduction · Directing actors · Sound · Editing · Photography Direction · Art Direction · Production · VFX
Technical Training
3 ECTS Credits. Equipment and tools for capturing and post-producing images and sound.

One Year Filmmaking

Dates: 13 January 2020 to 20 December 2020

Schedule: class four days a week: from 10 am to 2 pm. Filming one day a week: from 10 am to 6 pm

Language: English. The school does not require you to have a certificate of competency in English but you must be fluent in written and spoken English.