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Postgraduate course in Photography Direction

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Postgraduate course in Photography Direction

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Program details
Degree: Postgraduate Degree in Photography Direction
Modality: On-site, face-to-face sessions
Dates : March 2025
Credits: 30
Language: Spanish
Postgraduate Director: Jordi Bransuela
Postgraduate Coordinator: Jordi Bransuela


The aim of the Postgraduate Degree in Photography Direction is to initiate its members in learning the necessary knowledge to be able to handle a professional shoot, mainly as a director of photography, but also in any of the trades related to camera and lighting equipment.

Through theoretical and practical approaches, students will develop creative, expressive and narrative formulas that will allow them to have their own voice in the creation of images.

Objectives and Skills

With training based on learning by doing, students will be equipped with the necessary skills to develop safely in the different trades mentioned above.

These skills include, among many others:

  • basic knowledge of the necessary technical concepts,
  • the handling of camera and lighting equipment,
  • the essential skills necessary to carry out the different positions in the camera and lighting equipment (assistant, assistant, gaffer and electrician)
  • the ability to know how to plan and develop the photography of any project from the initial stage of the script to its shooting and staging.

For those who, due to their background or studies, cannot directly access the Master’s Degree in Photography Direction, the Postgraduate Course will offer them the necessary preparation to be able to face the Master’s selection test with guarantees.

Target Audience

Graduates and students of Audiovisual Communication, film students in general, photographers who want to enter the world of video, filmmakers with no previous training who want to expand their knowledge to continue growing, and in general all those who are attracted by the creation of images through the direction of photography but who lack sufficient experience or knowledge to do so.

Students from film schools or artistic disciplines.

Students with a Higher Degree in audiovisual projects and shows or equivalent.

Students who wish to improve their reel and knowledge with the aim of opting to enter the Master’s Degree in Photography Direction.

Admission requirements

To access the Postgraduate course, the applicant must present:

  • CV
  • Motivational statement
  • Videopitch


There are two levels of access to postgraduate training in Photography Direction at ESCAC: the Master’s Degree and the Postgraduate Degree. The two proposals are complementary but independent and can be taken separately without having to take both.

Only in the case of not being able to access directly to the Master’s Degree in Photography Direction will it be necessary to take the Postgraduate in Photography Direction beforehand, but it may be the case of students who only do the Master’s Degree or students who only do the Postgraduate, depending on the training needs of each student.


Title of studies: Specific Postgraduate Degree in Photography Direction

Minimum duration of studies and credits: One academic semester and 30 credits

Syllabus Postgraduate Degree in Photography Direction

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