Bernat Gual / Drama / Final Master Project / Short Film

Dario isn’t aware of the world that surrounds him. He has never seen his mother’s face, or even heard her voice. He’s deafblind from birth, a condition unknown to most people. For him, the Sun is just a pleasant sensation of warmth; a garden is a mix of wild scents; music is merely its vibration of air on his skin. Dario’s hands are his eyes. Most congenital deafblinds never learn to fully communicate. Even so, his mother’s been fighting for over 10 years to open a door to the outer world for him.

Créditos Premios
Quiero Bernat Gual · 2012 / Drama / Final Master Project / Short Film Créditos Screenplay Bernat Gual Production Andrea Gianone, Silvia Perales Cinematography Juli Carné Production Design Erika Centelles Editing Montse Pina Sound Design Ignacio Morales Music Arnau Bataller Make up Daniela Narváez Cast Monica Van Campen, Guillermo Crehueras
Quiero Bernat Gual · 2012 / Drama / Final Master Project / Short Film Premios Festival Internacional Ópera Prima de Granada Best shortfilm Festival de Cortometrajes Boadilla del Monte Young Director Award, Special Mention Actress and Actor
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