Two Escac Films shorts at the D’A Film Festival

La quimera de Yemayá and Valienta, mujer to be screened at the D'A Film Festival

Today has been announced the program of the 12th edition of the D’A Film Festival, which this year will take place from 28th April to 8th May.

We are very happy to announce that two short films produced by Escac Films, one Final Degree and one Final Master, have been selected to participate in the A Collective Impulse Section.

La quimera de Yemayá, directed by Irene Sesé. (TFG)

There is room for everything on a beach. Rest and relaxation, a child watching and adults going about their business, indistinct voices, the sun and the sea. But also something that moves away from reality into the world of dreams and myths. Something similar to the chimera of Yemayá, goddess of the sea in Yoruba culture. A photography of saturated colours and a montage close to hallucination turn this short film into an unrepeatable experience.

Brave, woman, directed by Marc Vilalta (TFM)

Sara leaves her home to face the world. As a trans woman, she knows that this is complicated. And what she will find on her way will confirm it. A short film that lasts as long as a walk and that seems to be made as Sara walks through the streets, through the bars, in the midst of the people. A mixture of documentary and fiction that talks about the difficulty of finding an identity in the world we live in.

Congratulations to the team of graduates for this selection!

The Final Degree (TFG) and Master’s Degree (TFM) are the short films with which ESCAC students graduate. They are produced by Escac Films and with a technical team trained entirely at ESCAC.

Escac talent

Además de estos dos cortometrajes, en el Festival también se proyectan producciones de graduades como Diana Toucedo con el corto Tatuado nos ollos levamos o pouso, Ian de la Rosa con el corto Farrucas, Júlia de Paz con el corto Harta, Nely Reguera con La voluntaria .

Por otro lado, los miembros de la comunidad ESCAC tienen un precio especial en las entradas de las películas del festival. Para beneficiarse de este descuento, se deberá presentar el carnet de estudiante en la taquilla.